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Short Stories by M. Scott Smallwood

TM-the medorian prison cover.JPG

The Mini Tales of Thadius Might: The Medorian Prison

In an alien world where magic reigns, six Earthlings are captured by their goddess to suffer a life sentence in prison. Now, it's up to one daring adventurer to devise a plan for their escape. 

The Mini Tales of Thadius Might: Clyde Needs an Adventure

Clyde lost his job and became a recluse. He found a magical artifact from his childhood called the Lion Heart buried in his closet. After awakening the magical world he created as a child, his old friend, Arnold, paid him a visit. Arnold warned Clyde that their enemy, Crazy Eyes Karl, was up to no good, and they needed to use the power of the Lion Heart to stop him.

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tm-steampunk inventor.JPG

The Mini Tales of Thadius Might: The Steampunk Inventor

Coming soon on Booksie!

The Liverpool Science Expo is here! Thadius Might was an over-looked inventor in 1879, and he finally completed what he called "The Tele machine." His most formidable competitor, Marcus Patterson, on the brink of completing an invention that will generate free electricity for all, was the favorite for the grand prize. However, an unfortunate event dropped the call on the competition.

New Episodes Coming soon!

The Amazing Adventures of Clyde and Arnold

Clyde is a young boy who was gifted a magical artifact, known as the lion heart, by his grandfather, Oliver. The young boy meets a friend, Arnold, who teaches young Clyde how to use the magic of the lion heart and to control his wild imagination as they experience the magical wonders of the universe. Mathias, Clyde's father detests the idea of his son engaging with what he calls an "imaginary" friend and subsequently, after Clyde's uncontrolled thoughts, he becomes the story's first villain.

The Amazing Adventures of Clyde and Arnold.jpeg
The Legend of Miller cover (2).jpg

The Legend of Miller

Frank Miller is a washed-up detective who cares more about getting drunk than solving murders since the day he saw the gruesome crime scene where his wife was murdered. His partner, Detective Bealer, works hard to convince the chief not to suspend him, but from the dawn of Halloween to the night of New Year's Day, six most heinous murders take place and only Miller is willing to find what he believes is a serial killer at large. The ending twist will be proof of just how good he can be.

New Episodes Coming soon!

The Cowboy

Scott Staples is womanizing rodeo cowboy with a knack for seducing them with his charming looks and deep poetry. He aspires to rope the cattle in the big league, but an unfortunate accident caused him to rethink his life decisions. During his healing, his best friend, Angie, convinces him to put music to the many song lyrics he's written throughout his life. They fall in love and now, he must choose to return to his old life or embrace his new love for music and a monogamous relationship.

The Cowboy cover.jpg
Beyond the Horizon cover.jpg

Beyond the Horizon

The year is 1940, and Kirk Grayson just completed flight school for the Navy. He is now stationed at Pearl Harbor where he is not liked by his fellow mates. After the attack in December of 1941, he and his entire squadron of torpedo bombers were deployed to attack Japan, but after a failed mission, Grayson crash lands, becomes captured, and is thrown into a POW camp, located in the Philippines. He, and many others devise an escape plan. Will their plan to escape prove to be successful?

The Maze at Wickers Hotel

Renowned fantasy author Charles Salisbury discovers that an enchanted Bed and Breakfast in Reno brings his horror stories to life, forcing him to battle against his own characters in an ever-changing maze.

The Maze at.png

Works no longer published

Big Dreams in the City          Short Story

Playing the Game                 Theatre Script

Little Town                             Novella

The Empire Nile                    Screenplay

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