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Books by M. Scott Smallwood

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Dreams of War

The year is 1917, and America is at the cusp of joining the Great War. James Grayson is eighteen years of age, and after the death of his mother, he seeks to find a purpose to his life. He recalls his mother's request to seek something "bigger than himself" and decides to enlist in the US Army when so many men his age were drafted into the war. James tells his tale of events immediately following his mother's death, to his amazing accounts during basic training at Camp Zachary Taylor, to his adventures in France, to his battle with paralysis due to the effects of shell shock, and to his addiction to elixir of opium.


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The Thrilling Adventures of the Secluded Man

The Golden Lion: a magical artifact comprising of three fragments. One held by a recluse, Clyde, and the other by his arch nemesis, Crazy Eyes. Crazy Eyes uses the magic of his piece to go back in time to prevent Julius Caesar’s assassination. Clyde and his friend, Arnold, go back to stop him, but collectively altered the timeline even further. An oracle explains to them that they must put aside their differences and work together to find the third piece and reassemble the Golden Lion to reverse their mishaps. The catch is they must search for it in present day. The world is completely different from the way they left it.

Paperback and ebook available anywhere books are sold!
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"A Time-bending fun romp..."
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The Wondrous Tale of the Mysterious Mystic

BookFest Spring 2023 Award-Winner for Humorous Fantasy! Clyde and his friends help a power sorceress find the portal to her world. Along the way, they receive the Staff of the Mystic, a magical relic more powerful than the Golden Lion. Now, they must learn its secrets to defeat the dragons, trolls, and a terrible villain that seek its power.



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Paperback and ebook available anywhere books are sold!



April 2024!

The Extraordinary Journey of the One Called Time

Clyde and the gang narrowly escape death as they return to Earth after being jailed on another realm called Medoria. Now, Thadius, the magician of time, finds himself marooned in an unfamiliar timeline. Longing to break the curse that has kept him from his daughter, Thadius seeks out a magical relic to help him find his way home. Will he return home in time to break the curse or will he lose his daughter forever?

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Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds is a heartwarming children's book that follows the journey of Milo, a determined penguin who defies all odds to fulfill his dream of soaring through the sky and inspiring others to reach for the impossible.

The Maze at Wicker's Hotel

The Maze at Wicker's Hotel is a spine-chilling young adult horror novel that follows Charles Salisbury's terrifying journey as his own words manifest into reality, transforming a seemingly innocent bed and breakfast into a nightmarish maze infested with monstrous creatures hungry for their next victim.

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