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Books by M. Scott Smallwood

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Dreams of War

The year is 1917, and America is at the cusp of joining the Great War. James Grayson is eighteen years of age, and after the death of his mother, he seeks to find a purpose to his life. He recalls his mother's request to seek something "bigger than himself" and decides to enlist in the US Army when so many men his age were drafted into the war. James tells his tale of events immediately following his mother's death, to his amazing accounts during basic training at Camp Zachary Taylor, to his adventures in France, to his battle with paralysis due to the effects of shell shock, and to his addiction to elixir of opium.

Paperback and ebook available anywhere books are sold!

The Thrilling Adventures of the Secluded Man: Book 1

Amidst the ether of legends, a fabled relic known as the Golden Lion lay scattered in three fragments. Two of these shards, held by the hermit Clyde and his nemesis, the enigmatic Crazy Eyes, imbued the bearer with the power of time travel. Driven by a desire to rewrite fate, Crazy Eyes ventured back in time, seeking to prevent the assassination of Julius Caesar. In pursuit of their foe, Clyde and his ally Arnold embarked on a perilous journey, paving a path of uncertainty and unforeseen consequences. Together, they ventured through the rifts of time, forever altering the course of history. Now, with the world spun into chaos, they must put aside their animosity and work together to recover the third fragment and restore the Golden Lion to its former glory to undo the chaos they created.

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Paperback and ebook available anywhere books are sold!
"A Time-bending fun romp..."
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The Wondrous Tale of the Mysterious Mystic: Book 2

BookFest spring 2023 award winner

Clyde and his intrepid companions embark on a quest 
to aid a sorceress of unfathomable might in her search 
for the gateway to her realm. In their journey, they are 
bestowed the Staff of the Mystic, a relic of such potency
that even the Golden Lion pales in comparison. But with great power comes an even greater threat, for dragons, trolls, and a nefarious foe seek to seize the staff's magic. To safeguard the staff and all that they hold dear, they 
must unravel its secrets and vanquish their foes with wit and magic.

Paperback and ebook available anywhere books are sold!



April 2024!

The Extraordinary Journey of the One Called Time: Book 3

Amidst the cosmic expanse, Clyde and his allies cheat the jaws of mortality as they journey back to Earth from the mystical Medoria. Yet, as the dust of their travels settles, Thaddeus awakens in a strange epoch, far from the comforts of home. To weave the threads of fate back to his own time, he must embark on a perilous quest to seek the fabled Staff of the Mystic, piecing together the scattered fragments of the Golden Lion to stave off the impending doom of time and space itself.

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Coming soon!
The Tales of Thaddeus Might: The Time Magician

The fourth installment in the Thaddeus Might series.

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